What type of wedding bouquet should I choose?

Trailing, posy, garden style,, Ahh help ! Which one do I choose to match my gown, style and theme?


Garden Style Bouquet

Relaxed larger natural stemmed bouquet.  Using a variety of seasonal blooms of different sizes and textures and mixed foliages.

Suits vintage style weddings and gowns. Perfect for garden and vintage style themes


Natural Stem Posy

A traditional favourite, our most popular style

A round, symmetrical,  domed shaped bouquet, Can be created tight with flowers or relaxed with lots of foliages.

Suits most types of gowns and veil lengths. Keep your posy small and simple for ornate gowns, or large and vibrant for simpler gowns.

Trailing/Teardrop Bouquet 

A trailing/cascade bouquet is created with wired blooms and foliages. Can be structured, tight and teardrop shaped (opposite), or loose and cascading with lots of flowers and foliages.

Suits gowns with long skirts and long veils, it will help accentuate smaller waists on dresses, small structured trailing bouquets look great with slimline gowns


Arm-spray Bouquet

Arm-spray bouquets are created with long stem flowers and foliages.

the bride carries in bouquet cradled in her arm.

Suits gowns with long skirts and veils, ideal for more modern, simple gowns.