Wedding Day Emergency Kit $49


Thanks for visiting us today. Odds are you experiencing the organised chaos that is wedding planning, or helping someone who is!

So much time and money is invested in your, or your loved ones special day, you don't want to let a little mishap create chaos.

We have many years experience in the wedding industry,  and from our experience, most of the time the disasters and accidents happen while you are getting ready before the ceremony (think broken zippers, stains on gowns etc).

Many of you will be getting ready on your wedding day in a Hotel, or at a family member or friends house. These places may not have all the items you need for any last minute emergencies. Make sure you have everything you need on hand for any catastrophe with our Wedding Day Emergency Kit.

We have filled your kit with lots of handy items to help overcome the most common problems on your wedding day. Then chuck it in the back of the limo and take it to the ceremony and reception in case of any wedding whoopsies there.

Be prepared! Get yourself our Wedding Day Emergency Kit and know that you will be able solve any almost any drama that the Big Day throws at you, except for the drunken uncle who hugs and kisses a bit too much, can't help you there sorry!  

Wedding Day Emergency Kit Contains;

Stain Remover Wipe; Wipe away that whoopsie

Headache tablets; Get rid of  that tension headache

Tissues; For those tears of joy

Emery Board; For any neglected nails

Fashion Tape Strips x 2; keep that dress in place, or fix a droopy hem

Spare earring backs x 2

Stiletto Heel Protectors; Don't get stuck in the mud

Just In Case Cottons Kit, containing 1 x sanitary pad and 1 x tampon

Bobby Pins; 2 x blonde, 2 x Black, 2 x Brown

Mentos Mints ; For kissable breath

Deodorant; Keep fresh all day and night

Sewing Kit; Features different colour threads, scissors, needle, buttons and safety pins

Superglue Tube; Quickly fix a broken shoe or necklace

Bandaids x 2; Banish that wedding shoe blister

Sunscreen sachet; Dont get burnt before the honeymoon

How to pin on a buttonhole instruction card

All packed into an easy to carry zippered wallet.

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*Please Note*

Brands and products may change slightly depending on availability.

Keep kit out of reach of children.

Test items on inconspicuous areas first.

While we have researched and compiled a kit to help with the most common problems on your wedding day, please be aware that the kit items cannot help with other problems that may arise.

As the kits contain an aerosol deodorant, we can only ship via road, not air, so shipping may take slightly longer to areas outside of NSW