Wedding Day Emergency Kit


Wedding Day Emergency Kit


Wedding Day Emergency Kit Contains;

Sewing Kit; Features different colour threads, scissors, needle, buttons and safety pins

Stain Remover Wipe; Wipe away that whoopsie

Tissues; For those tears of joy

Stiletto Heel Protectors ; Don't get stuck in the mud

Superglue Tube; Quickly fix a broken shoe or necklace

Headache Tablets; Get rid of that tension headache

Fashion Tape Strips x 2; keep that dress in place, or fix a droopy hem

Bandaids x 2; Banish that wedding shoe blister

Bobby Pins; 2 x blonde, 2 x Black, 2 x Brown

Just in case kit; contains 1 tampon and 1 pad

Spare earring backs x 2

Emery Board; For any neglected nails

Mentos Mints; For kissable breath

Deodorant; Keep fresh all day and night.

Sunscreen Sachet; Don’t get burnt before the honeymoon

How to pin on a buttonhole instructions

All packed into an easy to carry zippered wallet. Open in case of any pre wedding whoopsies, or bridal party breakdowns

Shipping Australia Wide (Please note as the kit contains an aerosol, it can only go on road transport, please allow for additional delivery time for areas outside of NSW)

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