How to choose your suppliers...

That beautiful ring is on your finger and now it's time to get organising. Very soon you start to realize that there are so many suppliers for your wedding, but how to choose, how can you work out the legitimate vendors to the dodgy brothers.. 


I feel the toupee would be a good dodgy indicator

I feel the toupee would be a good dodgy indicator

Google wedding photography or wedding flowers and your results come back in the 100's. How can you find a quality vendor that will provide you with top service. Hopefully the below tips will help you on the right track to happy wedding planning.  

1. They provide a professional online presence. It's 2017, every wedding vendor has a website. Is your potential vendors website a good showcase of their business? Can you easily see the service they provide. Extra points to vendors who provide price guides for you 👍🏻

2. Can you easily access pictures of their work? Whether on their website or social media. Being able to look at multiple images you can see their work and consistency.  

3. Word of mouth reference. Did a friend, family member or work colleague use them?  What was their honest review of their service. What did they like/dislike about them?  

4. Online reviews. And I dont just mean the anonymous 5 star reviews (some new businesses will get friends to review them,  dodgy but true) but consistent high reviews with comments left by real brides on different platforms  such as Facebook, google, etc.

5. Talk to them. Give them a call, ask them some researched questions. Can they give you confident answers? Do they know what they are talking about, and can give you good solid advise? 

6. Good vendors say NO. That's right if it can't be done, or won't come out at all like you think, a good vendor will tell you it can't be done. Beware of vendors that promise you the world when others say no. 9/10 times they are saying it just to get your business and last minute will say no sorry can't do it we will do this instead. 

Good vendors have usually had many years of industry experience, they have a good depth of knowledge in their area of expertise. While a cheap new startup business might be appealing $$ wise, knowledge and talent only comes with experience.   

Good luck lovelies xx