Be Prepared

Something awful happened this past weekend. A Lovely Bridal Blooms team member was dispatched to a Sydney Chapel to setup decorations for one of our gorgeous Brides. we arrived at our designated time of 2.30pm for a 3.30 start, not much time, but we can make it work.  2.30pm, chapel is locked... Mother of the Bride and Groom arrive..still locked... Frantic calls are made.... still locked. 3.30 rolls around the ceremony should be starting, and here we are, the Celebrant, Photographer, Videographer, Groom. Groomsmen, mums, and all the guests are standing outside while no one comes to open the Chapel. Finally at 3.45pm, 15 minutes after the ceremony was meant to start, someone arrives to open the Chapel. Craziness ensues to setup and prep the Chapel, while I'm sure the Bride has been doing laps in the car for the past 30 mins..

Bride rage! fully understandable in this case..

Bride rage! fully understandable in this case..


Now I'm sure that the Bride would have had a contact number for the Chapel, but what happens if they don't answer?? How can you my lovely reader avoid this mess??

1. Spend the time to talk to each of your vendors to find out the specifics of their service for the day. Who is delivering/setting up? When will they arrive? Their contact number, and the contact details of the person in charge of that business in case of difficulties. For example, we send an email the week of the wedding with all these details so you have all the specifics.

2. Make a table up with all your vendors, contact names, phone numbers and details and print a few copies, give one to the MOH, groom, and the mums so if there is any problem, the numbers are close at hand for follow up.

3. Trust your gut. I cant stress this enough.. Have you had a bit of trouble with this vendor in the lead up? Having trouble getting hold of them or pinning down details? Please don't assume it will all be OK on the day. A great vendor will provide you with top service from the start to the end not just the day of your wedding.  Unfortunately there are bad apples in this industry, be pro active and if your gut is screaming at you, take proactive action!

So pop your boy scout cap on and Be Prepared!