To Flower girl or not to Flower girl.......

You can picture it now, some gorgeous smiling perfect little angels walking down the aisle. The perfect addition to your bridal party. 

Kinda like these cuties !  

Kinda like these cuties !  

But reality check... 



Now this post is more for brides to be that don't have kids or are close to young kids. 

Kids are great! So much fun and bring so much joy.  Are you the kind of bride that can go with the flow? Would you chuckle rather than cry if your flower girl ran down the aisle and throw petals at the groom?  

If you are a bride that wants everything to be perfect, then think hard about adding kids to your bridal party.

Kids are unpredictable, strong willed and usually sticky...   and no matter how many times you practice there is a good chance things won't go to plan. 

So what to do??  

1. Really think about if you can cope with kids in your bridal party.  

2. Choose comfortable outfits, you dont want them pulling at their clothes (or just taking them off!) 

3. Pick bouquets/halos that are age appropriate. Bouquets are best for girls over 4 yrs while fairy wands are perfect for little tots. 

4. Keep hair and makeup quick and easy. Most 3 year olds can't sit still for 2 mins let alone 20 mins

5. Go with the flow. If you do choose to have children in your bridal party, realise and understand that kids will be kids and everything may not go to plan.