The Pinterest Curse

Now please don't get me wrong I frikken love Pinterest, I have boards full of recipes I'll never bake, clothes I would never fit into and a million Supernatural and Walking Dead memes but anyway...

Go home Pinterest you're drunk.. 

Go home Pinterest you're drunk.. 

There is no doubt Pinterest is an amazing tool to use for your wedding planning, a fantastic way to inspire you, help you decide on colours/ themes and to find new and interesting decoration ideas. 

But here lies the problem, it's too good! You are probably pinning away all these amazing ideas and decorations and then trying to fit them all into your wedding.

A few years ago we set up reception tables with a vase of flowers, 3 decorated birdcages, 4 bird statues, a love sign, and heaps of candles , on each table.  In fact there was no room for the wine glasses. ALARM BELLS we all know wine is more important than bird statues!! This is a classic case trying to fit all these good ideas into one wedding and falling victim to the Pinterest curse.

Remember the golden rule with wedding planning .. Simple and elegant will never go out of style!

The other major pitfall with the the Pinterest Curse is falling for amazing floral designs or decoration/styling pictures when your budget isnt in sync with the look you have fallen in love with. See this picture below

Stunning yes, but sooo pricey  

Stunning yes, but sooo pricey  

gorgeous yes!! I would estimate this would be about $1000 for each tall vase without delivery/instillation costs. I have had this picture emailed to me so many times with brides wanting these but having a budget of less than $100 a table. Then I always get the next question of .. Can you make it look like that but in my budget .. The short answer is no, we can create something amazing for your budget but we can't make a $100 arrangement look like a $1000 arrangements, the Pinterest curse strikes again!

So my top tips for Pinterest are

  1. let it inspire you and guide you with themes colours and decorations   
  2. Don't try and include every good Pinterest idea into your wedding  
  3. Use it to show your vendors what you want, but realise that some pictures may not be able to be replicated exactly.
  4. Dont set your heart on images of OTT decorations if your budget doesn't allow it.